The Tiny Seashell

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The Tiny Seashell lives in a place…

Where endless waves crash upon the shore

And broken seashells wait for children to adore… 

Even though it has a wonderful home, the tiny seashell longs for more. One day, a little boy picks the tiny seashell up, and drops it into his Collector’s Cup!

The tiny seashell was so happy to be on its way, to a brand new home on a beautiful summer day!

After arriving at its new home, the tiny seashell is placed on a window sill, where it stays for a very long time. Eventually, the tiny seashell realizes it wants nothing more than to go back to where it came from.

Just outside the window the tiny seashell could see…

The trees blowing gently in the salty sea breeze.

And the tiny seashell missed how that salty breeze felt

When the cold air would blow over the top of its shell.

And the tiny seashell missed hearing the sound

Of the endless waves crashing down, down, down!

Then, just when the tiny seashell thinks it will never find its way home again…

Some old friends (and a bit of good luck) come along to help.